Warrior Wishes


Through our Warrior Wishes program, we connect Warriors who have been affected by traumatic events with the resources that they need to move forward.  Through the healing process, these veterans, first responders, and their families can create change for themselves and others who are struggling on their journey. 

How does Warrior Wishes work? No Warrior Left Behind plans and secures experiences and resources that would benefit individuals in crisis or potential crisis, and then connects the Warriors with the right support. Through No Warrior Left behind, men and women are not defined or limited by their injuries. Our planned activities provide opportunities for our Warriors to engage in activities that they once loved, or even the chance to try something new while being surrounded by people they can trust. The Warrior Wishes program is designed to help build upon the internal fraternity that many of our Warriors are accustom to. We also want to facilitate bonding moments, not just with other Warriors, but also between Warriors and their families, with whom they may have felt disconnected. These activities and the trust built through interpersonal dynamics are what aids No Warrior Left Behind if one of our Warriors goes into crisis at some point in the future. These bonds are what help prevent suicides.

Warrior Wish at Patriot Point

A recent Warrior experience took place at Patriot Point on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with Adam Devine (US Marine), Jeremiah Gorsuch (Army EOD), Jimmy Dudley (10th Mountain Infantry), and Dennis Durham (MCPD). No Warrior Left Behind arranged for a duck hunt retreat which afforded these heroes the opportunity to connect with other individuals who may be struggling with the same feelings they have. Adam was injured by an IED in Afghanistan and is a double amputee above the knee. Jerimiah is a double amputee below the knee who was also injured in Afghanistan. Jimmy sustained a bullet to the hip while serving in Afghanistan and Dennis is currently recovering from a traumatic brain injury sustained while on duty. 

I had such a great time on the trip to Patriot Point.  This is exactly what I needed after having to spend so much time at Walter Reed lately.  I was able to meet some veterans and police officers on the trip that I can now call friends.  I would definitely recommend this trip to other veterans/first responders.  

– Warrior, Adam Devine

Thank you so much for the great weekend of camaraderie, fun, and skill. The duck hunt was second to none! There were so many ducks! Patriots Point was a great place to go. The shooting range, gym, common house, and dorm house were clean and well taken care of. I needed this weekend to help me unwind from all the stressful things going on and not have anxiety about who I was hunting with. Having other warriors, both military and law enforcement, around allowed me to let my guard down and just relax. Thanks again for a great weekend and I hope you are able to help other warriors with more events like this one. 

-Warrior, Jeremiah Gorsuch

MORE WARRIOR WISHES, 2020 and beyond!

Help us grant more Warrior Wishes — from tickets to The Nutcracker to a professional football game. Warrior Wishes has a lasting effect on people like Adam, Jeremiah, Dennis, and Jimmy. It is, in some cases, the thread that they hold onto during more challenging times in their journey. It is the least we can do for them. 

Please donate using the button below, or help us put together the perfect 1-2 day retreat for a small group of Warriors or a Warrior family.

Contact Christina Powell at christina@nowarriorleftbehind.org.

Mission K.O.

In November 2016, NWLB learned that retired officer and marine Kyle Olinger was struggling in his new home in Arizona.  Kyle Olinger sustained his injuries breaking up a car theft in 2003.  After being shot in the neck, Officer Olinger continued to serve the Montgomery County Police Department until his retirement in 2012.  When he relocated to Arizona, he realized he could not see his property and struggled with his health and mental outlook. Responding to a call from his wife, NWLB organized a fundraiser and reached out to Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. to order and personalize an all-terrain wheelchair (“Rip Chair”) for Office Olinger.  With the assistance of the Gary Sinise Foundation, NWLB and Aaron Bailey delivered the new Rip Chair to his family in December 2017, and Officer Olinger is very thankful and excited for the gift of mobility.  Kyle and his family thank everyone who supported this important mission and NWLB especially thanks Tony Tuolo from Howe & Howe and Rose Borisow GraFX for their contributions as well.

Click here to watch Kyle rock in his new RIP Chair!