Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

William Schroeder

Will Schroeder is a dedicated citizen and attorney at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, P.A., in its Commercial Litigation Department.  He has litigated real estate and business disputes in state and federal courts in DC, Maryland, and Virginia for over fifteen years. He is a former President and Director of the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC).

He wants to drive a tank that can do wheelies in spite of the legal risks.

Aaron Bailey

Officer/Detective Aaron Bailey is a retired 22 year veteran of MCPD. Bailey has a graduate degree in Psychology with a focus on working with those in crisis. He was instrumental in forming the Crisis Intervention Team and is an instructor in that program and for the Emergency Response Team Hostage Negotiators. He was undercover in a Violent Crimes Task Force for 12 years that he and a friend formed in 2002. Bailey was paid faculty for National District Attorney’s Association and taught courses on investigating, charging and prosecuting violent felons. For the last 8 years, he has consistently volunteered at Walter Reed and established numerous personal and professional relationships with both wounded warriors and medical staff. Bailey developed our training for 1st Responders on dealing with veterans in crisis and best practices.

Christina Powell

Christina is an experienced non-profit professional with almost a decade working within the military and first responder community. Her experience has focused on both communications and grassroots efforts, with a specific interest in digital outreach. In 2009 she was able to attend Montgomery County Police’s Crisis Intervention Training, which has assisted in her understanding of the outreach our First Responders do regularly as well as to the kind of awareness they need.


Matt Peeling

Matt Peeling is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for Mosaic Community Services – Sheppard Pratt Health System, Maryland’s largest provider of behavioral health and substance abuse services. He is a non-combat medically retired medical specialist with the United States Army Reserve and a former volunteer firefighter. Aided by his passion, and driven by his rich family history of service in the military and law enforcement, Matt has spent over 30 years working with human service organizations across the nation helping those in need.


Mission K.O.

In November 2016, NWLB learned that retired officer and marine Kyle Olinger was struggling in his new home in Arizona.  Kyle Olinger sustained his injuries breaking up a car theft in 2003.  After being shot in the neck, Officer Olinger continued to serve the Montgomery County Police Department until his retirement in 2012.  When he relocated to Arizona, he realized he could not see his property and struggled with his health and mental outlook. Responding to a call from his wife, NWLB organized a fundraiser and reached out to Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. to order and personalize an all-terrain wheelchair (“Rip Chair”) for Office Olinger.  With the assistance of the Gary Sinise Foundation, NWLB and Aaron Bailey delivered the new Rip Chair to his family in December 2017, and Officer Olinger is very thankful and excited for the gift of mobility.  Kyle and his family thank everyone who supported this important mission and NWLB especially thanks Tony Tuolo from Howe & Howe and Rose Borisow GraFX for their contributions as well.

Click here to watch Kyle rock in his new RIP Chair!